• Who is Chen Jiali?

    Who is Chen Jiali? Must be sewing machine parts a lot of people in the industry know him, he has sewing machines do 12 years of procurement work in ningbo YAMATO, the general manager of the Ningbo Original Company -- he is Northerners ,but look like Southerners. ...
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  • Attend the exhibition

    Since the "COVID-19" spread around the world, traditional offline large-scale exhibitions have been impacted. In the first half of 2020, all exhibitions have been suspended. It is a way for enterprises to expand new markets by participating in exhibitions, which is the m...
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  • Join the Alibaba

    Alibaba International is an import and export e-commerce platform, Is the world's largest business exchange community and online trading market.mainly to help domestic enterprises do foreign trade wholesale business, to expand overseas buyers. Becau...
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