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Who We Are

YAMATO Original accessories supplier

We mainly supply Japanese YAMATO full range of original A-class accessories.

Ningbo Original Accessories Co.,Ltd is a sewing accessories company integrating industry and trade. The company was founded by Chen Jiali group who have more than 12 years purchasing experience in Ningbo YAMATO Company. We are very clear about the purchasing channels of YAMATO .There are more than 3000 kinds of Yamato parts in our werehouse,Professional wholesale and retail Japan YAMATO original sewing accessorries, and provide accessories to JUKI, SIRUBA, KINGTEX and other high-end sewing machine companies.

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What We DO?

Wholesale and retail of original accessories:YAMATO
Wholesale of original accessories: JUKI ,PEGASUS, BROTHER, SIRUBA, KANSAI, KINGTEX


"Righteousness Is Greater Than Profit" and "Only Sell Original Sewing Accessories"

The company adheres to the tenet of "righteousness is greater than profit" and "only sell original sewing accessories", serving high-end sewing accessories customers all over the world.We always put quality in the first place. All the goods will be checked by our quality inspection personnel before delivery, and they will be delivered only after the quality is confirmed.

Company Culture

In the future, we hope to make friends with more original manufacturers and customers from home and abroad to provide service for the production and marketing of high-end sewing machines in the industry. At the same time, let our company become" Ningbo sewing station", and welcome to our company.

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Brand Value

After more than 5 years of continuous development and innovation, Ningbo Original Accessories Co.,Ltd has become China's leading and China-renowned manufacturer of sewing accessoreis. In the field of high-end sewing accessoreis,Ningbo Original Co., Ltd has established its leading quality and brand advantages.

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Our factory produces all kinds of copper-aluminum ball head connecting rod components

We are very particular about the hardness of every oil hole, every moment of the screw and every part, to ensure that our products have a service life of more than 3 years, and have been verified in actual use.It is comparable to similar products in Japan and Taiwan.At the same time, we are constantly developing more ball-end connecting rods, to improve materials and processes to meet more customer needs. After years of hard work, we have supplied accessoreis to many high-end sewing machine companies in China, and carved our own logo on each connecting rod to provide customers with a higher degree of recognition and assume more responsibilities.

Quality inspection

Our quality inspectors have worked in YAMATO company for 13 years and are familiar with the inspection procedures of various parts. Before all goods are put into storage and delivered, they will be checked by quality inspectors to ensure that good parts are delivered to customers.If the parts are not of good quality, we will return the parts to the factory, and we will ensure that the parts sent to the customer are original and in top quality.

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We can supply almost all the YAMATO parts made in mainland china and have more than 3000 kinds of YAMATO Common parts in stock,Our parts in stock can shorten customers' waiting time.


Team Presentation

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Jiali Chen

General manager the founder of our company,have more than 12 years purchasing experience in Ningbo YAMATO.

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Jason Zhu

Business manager,Worked as a quality supervisor in a foreign company for 10 years,and was very strict in quality control in Ningbo YAMATO.

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John Zhang

Sales manager,has worked in the parts industry for eight years and has a high degree of expertise in the parts business.

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Miss lv

QC,in the foreign enterprise engaged in quality inspection for more than ten years,all products before delivery will be checked by the quality inspector,unqualified will be returned to the factory, we will only send the original best products to customers in Ningbo YAMATO.

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Foreign trade manager,Familiar with parts foreign trade business,To make customers satisfied as the goal, strive to solve problems for customers.